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Fabtastic Painting is a local painting company that needed an update to their old website. I don’t want to bash their previous site, but it definitely needed some TLC.

I redesigned the site with a modern look and feel, adapting it to match the company’s new branding and logo. The new site has much better accessibility and is friendly to devices of all sizes. This project was my first introduction to Tailwind CSS and React, by way of Gatsby. I am pleased with the result and the client is too. That said, I won’t refrain from criticizing my past self and recognize that I could have made some different decisions.

Firstly, Gatsby is a dying project if it’s not already dead, which is going to make it more difficult for me or someone else to maintain the site in the future. This site was built a few years ago before it was clear that Gatsby was going to be abandoned, so in hindsight I should have picked a more established static site generator. Luckily, the site is simple enough that it won’t be too difficult to migrate to a different web framework. Secondly, I should have connected a CMS to make managing content like the gallery photos and customer testimonials easier and available to the client.

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